Plumbing Health Check

Plumbing Health Check

Not everything about plumbing is black and white. What type of home owner are you, proactive or reactive?

The reactive home owner waits for something to go wrong before getting any work done. They will end up with the stress and panic of trying to find a tradesman at a moments notice. Imagine a burst water pipe at 2am on a Sunday morning and trying to find a plumber that will get out of bed for you. The damage to property from water, delays in repairs and unexpected costs all add to inconvenience in your daily life. The stress of a burst water pipe, no knowledge of where to turn the water supply off, damaged hot water cylinders and tapware; the list of potential problems that can go wrong is endless.

The proactive home owner will tend to their home. Just like a car that you depend on to transport you on a daily basis, many home owners ignore one of their largest assets. To actively have the plumbing in your house inspected every year, does not just save you time and stress, it will also allow you to actively budget for potential problems. While no one can predict exactly what may or may not go wrong with your plumbing system, due to working in the plumbing industry for over 30 years, we have a depth of knowledge, skills and have the capacity to give you an insight into how your system is performing and potential problems that you will need to tend to in the future.

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Rotorua Master Plumber Guarantee

We are proud to be a Master Plumber in Rotorua and offer the Master Plumbers Guarantee.

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